SilkRoad Integration Services

Connect your existing systems to SilkRoad Strategic Onboarding rapidly and seamlessly.

We leverage a modern API to connect SilkRoad data to your applications, ensuring that there is minimal disruption to your technology environment and optimizing the value of your solutions. That means that SilkRoad Activate Enterprise Onboarding plays well with your system of record, ATS, performance, learning and other HCM applications or solutions. This kind of integration means that you can always leverage the value of a best-in-class strategic onboarding solution along with your existing technologies.

We offer both Full Service and Customer Managed integrations to provide you with flexibility and control in your approach. Our experienced team has integrated our solutions with leading third-party vendors including

SAP SuccessFactors

Ultimate Software

and others

Full Service Integration

SilkRoad’s Professional Services offers technical, process and project management expertise in orchestrating secure, stable connections with our products and a customer’s external systems. SilkRoad has an expanding library of reusable connectors that are extensible for fitting to a customer’s unique configurations and business rules.

SilkRoad’s Full Service offering can extend beyond the synchronization of employee and organizational data to interface with external systems or business tools for displaying data visualizations or to drive other actions as part of other workflows.

Customer Managed Integration

SilkRoad also supports customer managed integrations, in which the customer takes full ownership of the integration and the programmatic solutions that communicate with the service. SilkRoad has published web services to allow customers or other third parties to write their own programs to push or pull data. This service is completely passive, meaning that SilkRoad’s service does not send data on its own.

  • Professional Services are available to assist customer IT teams with the documentation and explanation of the data model and web services to support their own sponsored project. Professional Services are sold at a minimum of 20 hours with increments of 5 hours added depending on the complexity of the proposed scope.
  • SilkRoad will staff the customer’s project with a consultant that will be available for phone call discussions with IT staff as needed for specific subject matter expertise on product interfaces or data.
  • Additional time may also be allocated for configuration changes needed to a workflow or to eForms to support a new integration.
  • In a Customer Managed Integration, the customer has complete control and has responsibility for project timelines and completion.

User Authentication (Single Sign-On)

  • SilkRoad supports enabling customers to authenticate into its products using methods that are compliant with the SAML 2.0 standard.
  • Customers using Single Sign-on (SSO) must have their own Identity Provider (“IDP”) system. This may take the form of on- premise Active Directory that they maintain, an AD that is hosted in O365 subscription, or could be managed by a third-party vendor such as Okta.
  • SilkRoad does not offer IDP services on its own.

Learn how you can connect your existing systems to SilkRoad Activate rapidly and seamlessly.

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