Employee Engagement and Strategic Onboarding for Healthcare

Helping healthcare organizations onboard and retain a muti-talented, multi-skilled workforce

In a highly regulated and growing industry like healthcare, you need to reduce time-consuming activities and focus on what matters: patient care. For hospitals, healthcare networks, outpatient centers and more, the bar continues to rise. Improved top/bottom line performance. Healthcare reform. New compliance regulations. Need for specialized staff.

The good news? Advances in HR technology, best practices that embrace online techniques and other fresh approaches offer opportunities to succeed with these challenges.

Here’s everything you need to build that success plan: finding top talent, onboarding processes, employee engagement, blended learning, social recruiting, and more.

Find Talent That Meets Complex Requirements

With the shortage of healthcare workers, the process of sourcing, attracting, and hiring talent becomes more vital than ever. Hiring the wrong person drains money (estimated at 150 times an annual salary); hiring the right person contributes to the bottom line.

Discover Top Sources of Hire, a report on what delivers the best hires based on the applicant tracking systems (ATS) of 1,200 companies.

Keep New Hires with High Impact Onboarding

Organizations that support and engage their employees from day one and beyond are proven to have higher rates of retention, satisfaction, and productivity.

Learn how Tenet Healthcare increased first day productivity by 90%.


Improve Patient Safety with Effective Training

With the right learning program and technology in place, your organization can provide the highest quality care and avert risk and liability. By using blended learning, social media and more, there’s a tremendous opportunity to add new energy to training programs.

Read a major healthcare organization case study on using learning technology to train a team to safely move medically complex children into a redesigned new facility.

How Talent Management Automation Simplifies Compliance

Healthcare organizations face stringent regulatory and compliance requirements. It’s no small task to track multiple certifications, which involves paperwork, employee communication, reporting, and more.

Learn how McLeod Health used a learning management system to manage, track, and report on all activities.

Attract Millennials

With the competition for healthcare workers, it’s even more important to attract and retain the millennial generation.

Discover 5 Secrets to Retaining Millennials for ideas on changing your mentor program, rethinking training approaches and using technology.

Discover Strategic Onboarding for Healthcare Organizations

Find out how to retain that highly recruited, multi-talented workforce with strategic onboarding

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