Employee Engagement and Strategic Onboarding for Financial Services

Helping financial services organizations onboard and retain a muti-talented, multi-skilled workforce

In recent years, the financial services industry has experienced seismic shifts and uncertainty, resulting in new regulations, reform and more. Those changes apply across the board, whether in banking, brokerage, commercial real estate, credit card companies, credit unions, hedge funds, insurance, mutual funds or securities.

Then there’s the generational change, including a “graying” of the industry and entry of the millennials. Firms must adapt their products for this high tech generation and prepare their workforce. Meeting these needs requires fresh approaches, taking advantage of the latest HR technology and new best practices.

Here’s everything you need to find, activate and retain a dynamic new workforce: finding top talent, onboarding processes, blended learning, social recruiting and more.

Acquire High Performing Talent

As a financial services firm, you need to find next generation talent that fits into a structured, complex industry. You also must balance projected growth against hiring costs. This resource helps you focus in your efforts and dollars.Top Sources of Hire removes the mystery from hiring, identifying what delivers the best interviews and hires based on the applicant tracking systems (ATS) of 1,200 organizations.

Learn how NetIQ increased quality of hire and reduced agency fees by 76%
NetIQ Case Study

Hold On to New Hires

For companies facing dramatic change, it’s especially important to have a formal plan to welcome and onboard a new hire. A plan dramatically increases time-to-productivity as well as reduces the risk of quick quits. For ideas, check out the Ultimate Guide to Onboarding.

  • Practical tips—what employees want, generational differences
  • Checklist—how to link motivation and performance
  • Case studies—showing challenges to results

Learn how Accenture improved the onboarding experience
Accenture Case Study

Learning That Improves Service

Fresh approaches hold the spotlight in today’s training programs, including blended learning and social media. By using new techniques and the latest software, your organization will increase service levels and avert risk. A learning system also simplifies compliance reporting.

Learn how BenefitMall used learning to create a competitive edge
BenefitMall Case Study

New Approaches to Performance Management

In a world filled with regulations and compliance, delivering inspiring and effective feedback becomes even more important. By shifting the focus to the employee experience, you can bring a new energy to performance management. For new ideas, check out Transforming to Agile Performance Management.

Learn how Kearney & Company achieved engagement and 90% review completion
Kearney & Company Case Study

Best Practices for Millennials

Millennials are shaking up the workplace. Whether employees or managers, they communicate differently, want to level corporate ladders, and bring a fresh approach (theirs) to work. In this brief eBook, 5 Secrets to Retaining Millennials, you’ll discover how to change your mentor program, rethink training and optimize technology.

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Van Andel Case Study

Discover Strategic Onboarding for Financial Services

Find out how to retain your highly-recruited, multi-talented workforce with strategic onboarding.

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