Webinar: The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Employee Engagement in the Age of Digital Disruption

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Are CFOs Keeping Up with the War for Retention?

With advancing technologies, many organizations are focused more than ever on recruiting, which is more expensive than retention. In this environment, it becomes clear that value lies in the engagement of employees—making sure they are actively contributing to the company while learning new skills and advancing their own careers. But how to measure something as intangible as engagement?

To find out, Forbes Insights together with SilkRoad conducted a survey of 212 U.S. based CFOs to explore how financial executives approach and measure the benefits of engagement and the true cost of disengagement. Please join Forbes Insights’ Deborah Orr, and Lilith Christiansen, vice president of onboarding solutions at SilkRoad, as they discuss:

  • The high costs and causes of unwanted turnover and effective methods of increasing retention
  • The correlation between turnover, onboarding and engagement
  • The secrets to low turnover, based on the characteristics of low and high-turnover firms
  • How engaged employees lead to happy customers
  • The CFOs’ views on improving onboarding to increase retention


Forbes Insights’ Deborah Orr
Deborah Orr is a contributor to Forbes Insights with two decades of experience writing about business, finance and technology. She has authored thought leadership and conducted custom research, focusing on how technology is transforming business and changing the way we work.

Lilith Christiansen, vice president of onboarding solutions at SilkRoad
Lilith Christiansen leads a team dedicated to partnering with customers to develop world-class strategic onboarding practices and programs engage and activate employees to drive retention and other business outcomes. Prior to joining SilkRoad, Lilith served as Vice President of the Organizational Development Practice group at Kaiser Associates, co-leading deep analytical and business performance perspective projects to help leading companies succeed against organizational development challenges. She co-authored the best-selling business book “Successful Onboarding.” It one of the first books to outline methodologies for creating strategic onboarding programs on a global scale to unlock hidden values from talent bases.

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