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Finding the Right Fit: How a cultural audit can elevate the onboarding process

With today’s transforming workforce, recruiting and maintaining talent is a top priority for every organization. However, only 44 percent of employees believe their employer does a good job of bringing new talent into the organization.

SilkRoad seeks to solve this issue by moving beyond automating paperwork with strategic onboarding, delivering a personalized journey to transform new hires into fully functioning, integrated members of the team.

In this webinar, Lilith Christiansen, vice president of onboarding solutions for SilkRoad, will explain the four pillars of strategic onboarding and how a cultural audit can elevate the onboarding within your organization so that employees are orientated and acculturated more effectively for better engagement and faster productivity.

You’ll learn:

  • How to define an organization culture and communicate an authentic cultural story
  • Integrating organizational culture into a strategic onboarding program
  • How to help new hires succeed, absorb the true culture and increase likelihood of staying

This webinar is presented by the HRO Today Outsourcing Thought Leadership Council.

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