Webinar: Five Best Practices for Professional Services Onboarding

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December 18, 2018
11am PST | 1 pm CST | 2 pm EST

Highly Competitive Consulting Organizations Should Make Onboarding Count – it’s Your Bottom Line

Strategic onboarding is critical for all industries, but nowhere is it more necessary than in the realm of professional services. These hires are among some of the most costly to recruit, and their non-retention often has a direct impact on the business. Good onboarding should do more than deliver accelerated revenue from your billable new joiners, it should cement a long term engagement that leads to retention.

Designing an effective onboarding experience for your professional services firm requires some trial and error, and you can hone your approach by asking new hires some specific questions at each phase of the onboarding journey. Although new professional service hires are usually ramped up to productivity quickly, taking time out to address these questions will provide valuable information, a sense of investment and caring, and the perception that continuous feedback is respected and rewarded.

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Join Alexandra Levit, author of “Humanity Works: Merging People and Technology for the Workforce of the Future.”



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