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Strategic Onboarding Drives Business Results

50% Decrease in 90-Day New Hire Turnover

Most new hires decide to stay or leave within first six months

94% Manager Satisfaction with New Hires

Successful employee onboarding must involve managers every step of the way

$1.6 Million Saved with Offer Letter Automation

Easily personalize offer letters by role, title, salary, region and much more

75% Improvement in Long Term Retention

Strategic onboarding improves employee engagement and long term retention


It’s about Retention, Not Hiring

When you do onboarding right, you keep people on board longer. SilkRoad’s strategic onboarding software lets you go beyond paperwork and payroll to easily create personalized onboarding journeys – even global multi-regional ones – that seal the deal for your candidates and engage them beyond the first weeks, months and year through every career transition.

Your business and your workforce doesn’t fit easily into a one-size-fits-all box. Your onboarding experiences certainly shouldn’t. Easily scale and personalize consistent, branded onboarding experiences for individuals by role, geography, team, division, language or other factors with targeted workflows that make it all manageable globally, while keeping localization almost one to one.


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Deliver 30-Day, 60-Day, 1-Year Journeys

Creating intentional onboarding journeys by role, team, location, language and other characteristics means better engagement and retention. Our onboarding software eliminates the first week fire-hose information dump. Ensure your journeys include goal setting, feedback and surveys, along with the tasks you need every new joiner to understand about your unique organization.

Personalize Offers

Make it easy for your candidate to say "Yes." Create and manage hundreds of engaging, personalized offer letters using automated, dynamic content aligned to your brand and recruiting message. Secure fast e-signatures from any device – even an Xbox.

Start Preboarding Immediately

Preboarding puts every new joiner on the road to day-one productivity. Continue the momentum from the offer all the way to day one. Deliver the right content at the right time in a fully branded employer portal, which emphasizes your culture and engagement. Ensure compliance for W-4 or I-9, benefits, payroll, etc. by location, state or country with built-in integration and automation.

Include Managers in the New Hire Journey

Managers have a lot at stake during the first months of the new hire's experience. They play a critical role in new hire and employee satisfaction. Easily create a complete, personalized hiring manager journey - from job requisition and other tasks and ensure there are check in points for new joiners, goal setting meetings and other activities that help connect people to business outcomes.

Analytics - Analyze, Track, Understand

Know whether your onboarding process is on track with role-based dashboards. Use the built in assessment pulse surveys to take a new hire temperature at any point in the process. Monitor task completion for new hires, managers, IT, HR and other teams engaged in your new hire process. You get prepackaged analytics, configurable dashboards and KPIs.

Offboard Employees Responsibly

Right now you are probably spending more time managing employee exits than you do onboarding new hires. The paperwork, the compliance, making sure you receive timely signatures and acknowledgements. SilkRoad Activate for Offbarding saves you time and protects your organization. SilkRoad helps you handle employee exits quickly, easily and consistently.

Connect Your Existing Systems to SilkRoad Activate Rapidly and Seamlessly

We leverage a modern API to connect SilkRoad data to your applications, ensuring that there is minimal disruption to your technology environment and optimizing the value of your solutions. That means that SilkRoad Activate Enterprise Onboarding plays well with your system of record, ATS, performance, learning and other HCM applications or solutions. This kind of integration means that you can always leverage the value of a best-in-class strategic onboarding solution along with your existing technologies.

We offer both Full Service and Customer Managed integrations to provide you with flexibility and control in your approach. Our experienced team has integrated our solutions with leading third-party vendors.

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Onboarding Solutions tailored to your workforce

Mergers and Acquisitions

The failure rate of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is staggering. The number one cause? Culture and talent departures top the list.

onboarding for M&A Professionals

Contingent Workers

Contract workers deliver the best quality when prepared with a strong understanding of culture, key processes, important resources and even access to technology.

onboarding for contingent workers


What Our Customers Are Saying

SilkRoad enables us to establish a measurable baseline of new hire success, while creating meaningful journeys in local languages to support our mission as a global company.
“Ensuring that new employees – regardless of location or position – know we can’t succeed without them, is vital to our culture. SilkRoad enables us to create meaningful moments.”

Key Onboarding Resources

Private: Forbes Insights: The Value of Employee Engagement in the Age of Digital Disruption

Forbes Insights together with SilkRoad conducted a survey of U.S.-based CFOs to explore how financial executives approach and measure the benefits of engagement and the true cost of disengagement.

Strategic Onboarding/Employee Lifecylce | Whitepaper / Research

With advancing technologies, many organizations are focused more than ever on recruiting. Hard-to-find and hard-to-hire skills cost a lot to recruit. With labor pools shrinking, retaining talent at every level is critical. In the age of digital transformation, it becomes clear that value lies in the engagement of employees—but how do you measure something as intangible as engagement?

Strategic Onboarding Global Trends Report 2018

The Awakening: Onboarding Emerges as a Strategic Driver

Strategic Onboarding/Employee Lifecylce | Whitepaper / Research

In recent years it was clear organizations viewed onboarding as important, but struggled to connect it to business strategy. Today, strategic onboarding has found its groove—not simply as a process or checklist but as a key driver that impacts business outcomes.

Choosing the Right Onboarding System for your Organization

When you are looking at new products to help enable your onboarding experience, it's important to take a look under the hood and see what you're really getting.

Onboarding / New Hire Experience |

Look at that onboarding product and make sure that it's delivering on all three of these components. Is it exciting and engaging? Is it delivering content at the right point in time in a personalized way, and does it help with the administrative perspective as well in the back end, and kind of make that life easier for your HR managers so that they can get back in the business of working with employees in a more strategic way and not be paper pushers kind of behind the scenes.

The When, Why and How of Onboarding for Results

Discover advanced onboarding tactics for organizational success.

Onboarding / New Hire Experience | Whitepaper / Research

Onboarding isn’t a new idea or process — most organizations have some sort of orientation program for their new hires to introduce them to the company and slot them into their new role. Such programs can be as simple as completing new-hire paperwork over an afternoon or as complex as a multi-stage cohort program designed to build camaraderie and competency over employees’ first few months.

Ultimate Guide to Onboarding

Most new hires have a so-so first week. Automated onboarding transforms that process.

Onboarding / New Hire Experience | Whitepaper / Research

Most new hires have a so-so first week. Automated onboarding transforms that process. It rapidly engages and connects them to the life of the organization even before day one. Engagement leads to commitment. And commitment leads to success.

General Electric Realizes $6.5 Million in ROI | Nucleus Research

GE reduced costs related to printing, mailing, and the processing of Forms I-9, and improved productivity for staff whose jobs intersect with onboarding workflow.

Onboarding / New Hire Experience | Whitepaper / Research

Global Operations, General Electric’s (GE) shared services, deployed SilkRoad Onboarding to replace a homegrown, largely paper-based, and mostly unautomated system for onboarding employees company-wide. The system, which the company has internally branded as GE Hire, reduced costs related to printing, mailing, and the processing of Forms I-9. It also improved productivity for staff whose jobs intersect with onboarding workflow.

Ultimate Guide to Onboarding Portals

See some of the best onboarding portals and why they work so well.

Onboarding / New Hire Experience | Whitepaper / Research

The potential employee experience is key to the success of any company. Learn the 5 key elements to welcome them with an onboarding portal that works.

Employee Retention Begins with Onboarding. So Do It Right.

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