Unlimited possibilities. That’s what companies are discovering about onboarding technology and here’s a super interesting example.

Steelcase is a global leader in helping companies create great workspaces. When they launched a program for new leaders, they chose a unique path for implementation. The ENGAGE program combined formal leadership training with an innovative approach: having SilkRoad Activate Onboarding automate this important journey.

“We realized that SilkRoad Onboarding could be used as the central point of information for the full curriculum of tasks, activities and resources,” said Jill Dark, Director Leadership and Talent Transformation, Steelcase. “It was a way to underscore the importance of becoming a new leader and building excitement, but also provide an easy and flexible way to show what the leadership development journey would include.”

And results show the new leaders agreed. The flexible program structure and easy access to information earns high marks from participants.

SilkRoad Onboarding Adapts to Help Steelcase Meet Business Goals

Steelcase Turns First-Time Managers into Leaders using SilkRoad Activate Onboarding

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