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Redwood Credit Union Improves Employee Experience

It takes an outstanding culture to be recognized as one of the top 100 financial institutions. “People helping people” guides the mission of Redwood Credit Union, a not-for-profit financial institution of 500 employees in a territory that spans 8 northern California counties, from San Francisco to the North Coast. As success brought rapid growth, it also brought growing pains, especially with onboarding and Day One readiness.

As the HR team assessed future needs, it also saw an opportunity—create a “wow” employee experience. “HR is entrusted with the big responsibility of successful onboarding so that new hires engage in the culture, thrive in their position and add value to the organization,” said Will Thorn, employee relations manager, Redwood Credit Union. “We wanted a focus on employees to be at the core of our onboarding program to create highly passionate and motivated employees who understand the Redwood Credit Union difference.”

What stands out about Redwood Credit Union’s strategic onboarding process

Redwood Credit Union impressed judges of SilkRoad’s 2016 Golden Portal panel with their onboarding efforts that enable new hires to build excitement, cultivate knowledge, become impassioned to live their brand and prepare to create lasting, positive employee experiences for their members. With strategic onboarding efforts extending 90 days, Redwood provides the right information at the right time to engage new hires. Commitment to community is highlighted by hosting multiple monthly community opportunities for employees to meet other individuals and teams within the organization, and giving back to local non-profits through both volunteerism and donation.

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