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SilkRoad Provides One Centralized Learning System for Origin Bank

The business issues that we were facing before we transitioned to using SilkRoad products, our employees were using multiple learning systems. So, once we transitioned to using SilkRoad for learning we were able to create a single online learning system for our employee.

As a financial institution, compliance training is critical. When our employees were having to log into multiple systems to access their compliance training, there were a lot of assignments that were getting overlooked.

Employees love being able to just log into one system now. They no longer have to worry about accessing multiple systems and worry whether or not they completed everything they’re supposed to. From an administrative standpoint, it’s been a lot easier on us, especially with all of our compliance partners. They now have the ability to pull reports from one system. They have access to be able to pull the reports themselves now, so it’s really just made a seamless tool for us.

When we went through implementation, what I do remember from it is that we were aligned with an implementation specialist that, in my opinion, was probably one of the best ones SilkRoad had. He really understood what we were trying to accomplish, he understood the training side of things, not just the system side, he understood how training should work. So for me, that was beneficial for someone who could not only understand the system and help me learn it that but could also speak the same language.

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