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International Dairy Queen Inc., (IDQ), based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the parent company of American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ), Orange Julius of America (OJA), Dairy Queen Canada (DQX) and Unified Supply Chain, Inc (USC). Through its subsidiaries, IDQ develops, licenses and services a system of more than 6,800 locations in the United States, Canada and more than 25 other countries. IDQ is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.


International Dairy Queen Automates Their Onboarding Experience with SilkRoad


So my namee’s Wendy Harding and I work for International Dairy Queen as their HR operations and talent acquisition director.

So some of the business issues that we were facing when were in the process of choosing a new talent management system were ease of doing performance reviews and being able to do a more agile performance process. Some of the things that have also been improved on is our compensation process. We did utilize and are currently utilizing compXL and so compXL has taken away about fifty percent of the manual work that our compensation guru has had to do.

Onboarding has been significantly improved. We’ve gotten significant feedback from our new candidates, new hires, how great they believe our onboarding is compared to any other organization they’ve ever joined. And it’s a ninety day onboarding process.

And then recruiting also, we’ve been able to brand our recruiting and take it out of the eighties and bring it into the 2000’s.

Yes, so when we were going through the process of looking at different vendors for a talent management process, SilkRoad Performance stuck out to us the most because we were really struggling with a pay for performance culture and so we made the decision to choose the performance module up front, which allowed us to be much more agile in our performance process.

So SilkRoad is able to help us with our onboarding process by automating it one hundred percent. We no longer create any paper files. We are one hundred percent paperless as it pertains to any new hires.

I would describe SilkRoad in one word, which is actually two words: customer service. One of the things that’s really important to Dairy Queen, we’re a customer-facing organization, obviously, and so it’s critical that we pick vendors that align with customer facing also. And SilkRoad has definitely been a true partner for us at International Dairy Queen as it pertains to customer service.

International Dairy Queen - Creating a “Sweet” Experience for Both Employees and Managers

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