Gilbane Streamlines Their Performance Process with SilkRoad

Gilbane, Inc. is one of the largest privately held family-own construction and real estate development firms in the industry. Concentrating in select markets throughout North America, as well as internationally, Gilbane has 46 office locations and 2,700 employees around the world.

With mainly paper-based systems for performance management, Gilbane found that a manual experience did not fit the growth of the company. They were seeking a solution that would streamline and scale their performance process to meet the needs of their growing workforce.

Gilbane turned to SilkRoad to activate performance within their organization.

TRANSCRIPT: Our biggest issue was we had a paper-based performance system. Really moving to an online system like SilkRoad Performance was key to streamlining all of our performances and making things uniform. I think the biggest thing for Gilbane has been, again, consistency of performance. We went from being a fairly small company when I joined twenty years ago to being a multinational international company, having older systems and processes don’t match and it’s been nice to have a partner like SilkRoad that keeps moving with us, regardless of your industries just like everything else we’re moving into tech. If you still think of everything as a file cabinet and a piece of paper, you’re going to slowly fall behind the curve of what your employees expect. SilkRoad has been really looking forward at different ways of doing old things performance, onboarding. One word to describe SilkRoad would be responsive. So if that’s a technical issue there’s a response for it. If it’s a strategic issue there’s someone who you can partner with. If you’re interested in other products there’s a client, they’ll connect you and the clients, too are equally responsive, so that’s a really great way to be able to connect with everybody as well as learn more.


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