Trendmaker Homes Provides a Welcome Home Experience for New Hires

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager
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Trendmaker Homes, a premier new home builder, was challenged to create a ‘welcome home’ experience for new hires. They also needed to improve efficiencies, reduce paperwork, centralize information and automate processes.

Our goal was to align product, brand and employee experience through the company portal. We wanted the emotion that home buyers feel when walking up to their new house to be communicated to new hires. – Eva Brunell, Director of Human Resources

Trendmaker Homes’ onboarding strategy provided new hires with an immediate understanding of the company, its mission, and how they can make an impact within their role. They were also able to extend the onboarding experience to include career transitions such as promotions and transfers.

To read the full case study about how Trendmaker Homes enabled new hires to be more productive on day one, created a better understanding of their new roles, and achieved faster integration into company culture – click here.

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