The Employee Experience is the Gateway to Better Business Outcomes

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager
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Today’s talent economy paired with the requirements of a complex modern workforce has caused organizations to take pause.  For years, organizations have focused time, energy, and resources on talent management but haven’t been able to uncover discernible business results. For many, this gap is a result of forgetting to consider the ‘talent’ in talent management.

A recent report from Deloitte University Press highlights the need to move from a transactional view of talent management towards an employee-centric talent activation approach.

“Employees are seeking a talent experience that traditional areas of talent management cannot create, and yesterday’s approach to talent management will no longer effectively provide competitive advantage. A new approach is key—one that puts employees at the center and creates a personalized, networked experience for them.” – (Garr, Yoshida, & Wu – Deloitte University Press)

The video below further highlights the need to leverage HR technology to create a personalized and connected employee experience.

A strategically designed employee experience that is connected to business outcomes will enable organizations to go beyond traditional talent management to achieve talent activation, which is the gateway to better business outcomes. To learn more about talent activation, read the The Talent Activation Continuum – How Connected HCM Technologies Deliver Better Business Outcomes by Brandon Hall.

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