SilkRoad Connections 2018 Agenda Spotlight: Training Sessions

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager
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We’re excited to highlight some of the amazing sessions from our training team at this year’s SilkRoad Connections user conference. Here are some of the hands-on sessions that will be presented.

Changing How You Hire in 2018 and Beyond – Tuesday, May 1st – 8:45A 

In this hands-on workshop, you will improve the candidate experience with new tools and hidden gems that allow you to understand candidates better and impact how you hire. The tedious candidate searches, the endless scheduling, and the repetitive screening can be mind-numbing. It’s time for a new era of recruiting that focuses on the more gratifying parts of the job — the human part, the strategic part.

Recruiting Analytics: Your New Superpower! – Tuesday, May 1st – 4:15P

Discover a new superpower that will improve your talent acquisition strategy. Power up your data analytics to improve recruiting effectiveness and recruiter performance that will reduce time-to-hire, source-of-hire, and cost-per-hire. Keep your eye on the data so you can make smarter decisions and fuel growth. Learn how to use Recruiting Analytics to elevate your role as a talent acquisition professional.

Tying SilkRoad Performance Components Together to Create Engaged and Activated Employees – Wednesday, May 2nd – 9:15A

Effective performance management goes beyond goals and reviews.  Studies have shown employees’ satisfaction in their jobs are directly correlated to their relationships with their managers, as well as the frequency and quality to which they receive feedback.  Effective performance management requires continual feedback, known and understood expectations and routine check-in meetings between an employee and manager.

Join us in this highly participatory session to learn how to use all SilkRoad Performance modules in an easy way to create engaged, activated employees to help your organization reach its objectives.

To see the full agenda and to register for SilkRoad Connections 2018, please visit

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