SilkRoad Connections 2018 Agenda Spotlight: Performance

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager
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We’re excited to highlight some of the amazing performance-focused sessions at this year’s SilkRoad Connections user conference. Here are some best practice sessions presented by our customers and the SilkRoad training team.

Death to the Performance Appraisal: A New Approach to Agile – Beacon Communities – Monday, April 30

A growing body of evidence suggests that the traditional once-a-year performance appraisal has outlived its usefulness. Today’s employees want consistent feedback and continual informal discussions regarding growth and development.

In this session learn how to utilize Silkroad Performance to create an innovative performance management platform focused on constant real-time feedback, and growth and development for both supervisors and employees.

Creating Value Through Performance Culture – Consolidated Container Company – Monday, April 30

Consolidated Container Company will explain how they increased their ability to attract key talent, improve employee engagement and retention while going through a period of rapid growth. They will also showcase how they leveraged SilkRoad Onboarding, Learning and Performance to deliver a defined, consistent, and intentional employee experience.

Tying SilkRoad Performance Components Together to Create Engaged and Activated Employees – SilkRoad – Monday, April 30

Effective performance management goes beyond goals and reviews.  Studies have shown employees’ satisfaction in their jobs are directly correlated to their relationships with their managers, as well as the frequency and quality to which they receive feedback.  Effective performance management requires continual feedback, known and understood expectations and routine check-in meetings between an employee and manager.

Join us in this highly participatory session to learn how to use all SilkRoad Performance modules in an easy way to create engaged, activated employees to help your organization reach its objectives.

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