SilkRoad Connections 2018 Agenda Spotlight: Aptitude Research Journey Series

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager
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We’re excited to welcome back Aptitude Research Partners to SilkRoad Connections 2018. Aptitude Research Partners is an independent research-based analyst and advisory firm guiding businesses to success within the increasingly complex Human Capital Management Technology Landscape.

Founded by leading authorities and lifelong students of HCM (human capital management,) Mollie Lombardi and Madeline Laurano, Aptitude Research Partners harnesses over 20 years of combined experience to foster a new conversation about the role of technology in HCM.

Aptitude Research Partners will be presenting a journey series comprised of three sessions.

The Journey from Candidate to Employee – Monday, April 30

This is the journey we traditionally think of as Onboarding. It has a tactical, compliance workflow, but it also needs a cultural and strategic workflow, making sure that the energy and promise of new hires is harnessed from the start.

This topic will look at how organizations integrate the manager and employee experience across the onboarding process to set both the new hire and the manager/employee relationship off to a good start.

The Journey from Potential to Performance – Monday, April 30

Every time we learn something new, join a new team, start a new project we really are Onboarding to a new journey. It’s a time of change with some practical realities that must be attended to efficiently, as well as cultural and personal changes that may be required to make the most of the situation. There are two important roles in this journey – the individual making the transition from potential to performance, and the manager that serves as their guide. Managers need to be prepared for this role so that they can create the conditions for success that will help their people thrive. This topic will focus on how we can prepare managers to be successful in guiding their employees, and turn being a great manager into an organizational competency as opposed to just an individual one.

The Journey from Job to Career – Tuesday, May 1

Retention is the number one issue for employers, and development is the number one issue for employees. Yet many organizations struggle to make the two work together. Organizations need to find new ways to stretch and grow their employees horizontally, not just up through the organization. This requires a new way of thinking about how work gets done, and a focus on how managers grow and share talent, as well as how they deploy it. This topic will offer insights into building better employee experiences that deliver positive results for individual and organizations.

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