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I was recently reading an article about creative job descriptions, it went into all areas: the content, what tittles to use, videos, and social, just to name a few. The area I want to focus on today is the impact and usage of QR codes as part of your recruiting strategy, not only from the perspective of a candidate, but also as an employers.

Let’s start by explaining exactly what a QR code is. A QR code is formally known as a Quick Response code. A QR code is a scanable two-dimensional square matrix bar code that is made up of four smaller squares with black dots in the middle that are used to align it.

So what are these mysterious little codes used for?  Its pretty simple – QR codes direct users to online content.   From a consumer perspective, you just can the code with your smart phone and it takes you directly to more information via a web site, microsite or landing page.

The use of these codes continues to grow with the increased adoption of smartphones. Released last month, eMarketer’s latest research showcases that on average, 19% of US respondents (1 in 5) have scanned a QR code ahead of the 15% average in Europe (

As organizations and recruiters look for new ways to engage candidates, they have started to include QR codes as part of their mobile recruiting strategy. These codes are being used in a wide variety of places. Employers are using them on places like web sites, campus bulletin boards, business cards and even t-shirts.

QR codes aren’t for everyone.  Just like any good recruiting strategy, you should look at the type of position you’re filling before determining the best adverting strategy for your job.

However, as smartphone owners grow across the globe and smart marketers turn to new ways to engage candidates, expect QR codes to become more mainstream, both for consumer and organizations looking for ways to engage candidates and get their message out. Scan ours and see for yourself!

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