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Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager
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According to a Tiny Pulse Survey, “64% of employees wanted a supervisor check-in at least every two weeks, with 42% of millennials wanting feedback every week.”

In the recent HR Technology Trends Survey conducted by HR Daily Advisor and SilkRoad, we found:

  • 51% of organizations allow employees to ask for feedback
  • 49% give immediate feedback
  • 32% allow employees to request performance meetings

Today’s modern complex workforce wants a personalized experience that enables employees to understand how their role aligns with the organization and if they’re making an impact overall. They don’t want to wait 90 days, six months, or a year to receive the feedback that they need.

Organizations that leverage frequent check-ins and feedback, whether peer-to-peer, cross-functional, or cross-departmental, are well positioned to foster an engaged workforce that’s invested in driving the business forward. What’s more, they’re likely to see improvements in business agility, customer service, and revenue performance due to its real-time nature.

HR Technology can be leveraged to activate employee performance with continuous feedback, collaboration, and visibility into individual and business goals. Most importantly, it gives employees an experience that’s both valuable and fulfilling.

For more insights from the 2017 HR Technology Trends Survey, download this important report today.

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