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Charge up your organization and plug into the top sources of hire!

Finding, selecting, and hiring the right person can be a costly endeavor. In fact, the average Cost per Hire is $3,500.oo!  If you’re organization is growing fast that’s a huge investment.  And if you’re hiring the wrong candidates, employee turnover becomes a major issue and compounds the costs.  One way to help ensure that every dollar spent is having maximum effect is by understanding what channels produce the most interviews and hires.

That’s where this infographic and report come in handy.  We looked at millions of applications that resulted in over 600,000 interviews and 300,000 hires tracked in SilkRoad Recruiting ATS, cleaned any personal data, and looked the source data to see what channels produced the most hires.  Why?  To help you decide where to spend those precious recruiting dollars!

Download the full report.

If employee referrals is your top source of hires, then a company might want to invest in their employer brand by enhancing internal job distribution and improving their company career site.  If Job Search Engines is a companies top source, they may want to divert funds from recruiters and sponsor open positions on those sites.  Understanding this information helps companies refine their talent acquisition strategies, reduce costs, and shorten time to fill.

Enjoy the infographic!

Top Sources of Hire Infographic 2015


>Download the full report.

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