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5 Ways Companies Can Improve the Employee Experience

(Editors Note: Today’s post comes from Sharlyn Lauby of HR Bartender and ITM Group.) The employee experience matters. In a survey conducted by The Future Workplace, the majority of employers (83%) said the employee experience is important or very important for organizational success. Yet, many...

Sharlyn Lauby, President, ITM Group

Podcast: Moving from Reports to Analytics

In the last few years, HR teams have been struggling with data – how to use it, how to show it in meaningful ways to organizational leadership. Traditional reporting typically won’t provide insight that’s useful to management. Management wants information that can help move the organizatio...

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager

Healthcare Organizations: How Can You Prevent Quick Quits?

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes from Alexandra Levit of PeopleResults)  Hiring and retaining new employees are daunting tasks for most healthcare organizations for a variety of reasons. To start, many are struggling with major skills shortages and even sourcing the proper talent to fill open...

Alexandra Levit, Managing Partner, PeopleResults

How to Attend an HR Conference (and make it worth your while)

[Editor’s Note: This blog post and podcast comes from Ben Eubanks of upstartHR and Lighthouse Research] One of the greatest compliments I get from you, the listener, is when I have the opportunity to share something highly practical with you that you can use to improve your results in a powerf...

Ben Eubanks, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

Using Personalization to Activate Learners

It seems logical to draw a connection between learning and performance. The question becomes, what is the extent of the relationship between those two variables. During this year’s SilkRoad Connections Conference, David Wentworth, principal analyst in learning and development at Brandon Hall Group...

Sharlyn Lauby, President, ITM Group

Strategic Onboarding is Essential for Vulnerable Financial Institutions

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes from Alexandra Levit of PeopleResults)  In the financial world, failing to effectively onboard new employees can be catastrophic. There are the usual costs associated with new hire turnover (nearly a million dollars a year for the average organization), but in...

Alexandra Levit, Managing Partner, PeopleResults

Top Three Must-Know Onboarding Trends for 2018

{Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes from Lilith Christiansen, VP, Onboarding Solutions at SilkRoad and author of Successful Onboarding.} Organizations used to think of onboarding as the automation of paperwork – a “set it and forget it” approach focused on ensuring all the new-hire ...

Lilith Christiansen, SilkRoad

IPG Mediabrands Awarded Honorable Mention for Corporate University of the Year

Recently, IPG Mediabrands was awarded honorable mention for Corporate University of the Year at the CUBIC Awards. The Corporate University Best-In-Class Awards were established to honor, recognize and promote internal training organizations and corporate universities that set standards of excellence...

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview can be difficult at best, and stressful at worst. You want to go in equipped to put your best foot forward, and to learn as much as you can about your potential employer. But how? This video explains how to prepare answers that specifically relate back to what your pros...

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager

Wood Does Onboarding Right With SilkRoad

Wood Group is a global leader in the delivery of project, engineering and technical services to energy and industrial markets. They strive to be the best technical services company to work with, work for, and invest in. Previously, they faced challenges with their onboarding processes and their abil...

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager

SilkRoad Takes the Burden off of HR for On Tap Credit Union

On Tap Credit Union, a full-service financial institution, founded in 1954, is known for its Colorado-lifestyle and beer-centric culture.  According to On Tap Credit Union, they are “dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of their employees and members alike”. Previously...

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017

As you put the final touches on your 2018 plan, be sure to check out SilkRoad’s most popular blog posts from 2017. Unsurprisingly, many are seeking ways to leverage metrics and strategies to attract and retain right-fit employees while driving engagement, alignment to organizational goals, and...

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager

Creating a Culture of Conversation Around Performance

Organizations that have leveraged performance apps to enable frequent and continuous performance conversations have empowered employees and line managers to consistently gauge whether their day to day activities map up to the organization's strategy, resulting in increased engagement and visibility into whether or not they're making a positive impact.

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager

SilkRoad Welcomes Lilith Christiansen as VP of Onboarding Solutions

We are excited to announce that Lilith Christiansen is joining SilkRoad as Vice President of Onboarding Solutions. Lilith comes to SilkRoad from Kaiser Associates, a boutique strategy consulting firm, where she co-lead the Organization Development Practice. With 20 years of consulting experience, Li...

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager

Employees Data Theft – What You Need To Know

[Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes from Rick Weber, president of Elijah, LTD.] Data thefts from hackers make headlines, but the bigger risk to companies is walking out of the door each day.  A recent survey of over 200 organizations found that 69 percent experienced data theft incidents inv...

Rick Weber, President of Elijah, LTD.