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It happens all the time. When it is time for Training in the work world, nobody has the time to sit in a training class. I have been in the Training and Education world for over 25 years and I hear the same things all the time, “I’m too busy,” “I have a job to do,” “If I am sitting in a training class I can’t sell.”

“It’s okay I understand this ain’t no never never land,”– J. Geils Band.

Like the J. Geils Band, I do understand that training takes employees away from their jobs. But I also know that if you train you will gain! There have been numerous blogs written about time and how important it is. I agree there seems to never be enough time to “get er done.” I am a firm believer in the “No Train, No Gain” philosophy.

Is it really that you don’t have the time or do you just not want to attend training? Who wants to really go to the gym!? But when you do go, look at the results! All I am asking is give training a chance. If you learn ONE thing that helps you close a deal, save 5% on budget, beat a deadline, or get promoted, the training was worthwhile. You may not even pick something up from the actual Trainer. Maybe you talk to a co-worker during an exercise and learn something new from them. You will never know until you go.

So here is what I have to say, “Quit your stinkin thinkin and raise the altitude of your attitude.” Go to an in-house training session or attend an outside seminar. You may actually learn something new!

I leave you with this little story. Years ago I taught annual security training at a bank I worked for. Every year the same thing, how to act during a robbery, what to do in case of a weather emergency, blah blah blah. Well, just a few days after one of my sessions one of our locations was robbed. The Teller on duty had a gun pointed right in her face as the robber demanded she empty her till. The Teller remained calm and did as she was told. Later she said that she was just thinking one thing, “this is just a stupid security training class, this is an exercise, that is Bill acting as a robber.”

So there you go! No Train No Gain!

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