NCSOFT and SilkRoad Receive Two Industry Awards for Strategic Onboarding Innovation

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When our clients have an innovative idea there’s nothing we enjoy more than helping make that idea a reality. And when that strategic onboarding idea goes live and wins an award, even better.

NCSOFT, a leading online gaming publisher, and SilkRoad are the proud recipients of two industry awards for innovation and excellence in strategic onboarding. The 2018 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Talent Acquisition Awards honored NCSOFT and SilkRoad with Best New Hire Onboarding program for utilizing NCSOFT’s gaming software and SilkRoad’s technology to creatively engage and empower new employees. In addition, the organizations’ efforts to improve NCSOFT’s onboarding process earned them the 2018 Optimas Award Silver in Innovation from Workforce Magazine.

By using characters from the NCSOFT’s games, videos and images, the company created a branded onboarding site that introduces new hires to the culture and gets them excited about joining NCSOFT. New hires are equipped for day one success, including personalization and early collaboration with managers. Manager engagement is also a critical component of the NCSOFT onboarding process through a dynamic feedback loop. Both new hires and managers receive the right content at the right time.

The program centers around an onboarding portal which creates a unique employee experience for new hires. The portal was designed with the characters from the company’s games, not only from the NCSOFT West games, but with content from their headquarters in Korea. It’s a truly global experience where the new hire immediately gets connected to the company culture through a video message from the CEO. It appeals to the “gamer” in everyone through an onboarding mascot named, Wuju. Wuju is a 3D animated robot that welcomes new hires to the portal and directs them to their “quests.” All of the content includes lingo specific to its gaming culture. For example, the portal displays the payroll section as “Loot”, benefits as “Cache of Wealth” and FAQs as “Query of the Known”.

In addition to a unique experience, the company improved processes. Employees went from waiting weeks to a ready-to-go workstation on day 1. The new onboarding workflow has also drastically decreased the amount of administrative time HR spends completing paper I-9 forms, scanning and entering into e-Verify manually.

Most importantly, he company has received positive feedback from new hires and employees, including: “The NC Launch Onboarding Portal is useful and informative. The welcoming gift, the greeting card I received, the 1 to 1 meeting with my supervisor after 30 days etc. just goes to show that NCSOFT cares for its employees and goes to great lengths to keep its employees happy.” “After 20 years in the workforce, I’ve never experienced anything like it and I’ve shown it to my spouse and children. It’s a real differentiator and makes me, as a new employee, feel good about my choice to join the company.”

To learn more, read the full press release and view the NCSOFT video.

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