Modernize Employee Communication to Build An Engaging Culture

Nirmala Pol, Data Visualization Analyst, SilkRoad
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Organizations spend enormous efforts to find recruits that fit the organization. The challenge continues with how to retain new employees and keep them engaged. The organization needs to build a culture that fosters employee loyalty, engages staff with strong brand values, and encourages high performance.

Modern communication tools that initiate continuous conversation and real time check-ins that can occur at anytime, are helping pave the way toward building a strong culture.  This helps eliminate silo’d communication and increase employee visibility. Leveraging modern communication tools aids the creation of an engaged workplace and helps drive employees to be a core part of this culture.

Market trends show that organizations are strategically caring about tools that empower the mobile workforce. A recent study by Deloitte shows employee engagement continues to be a major concern, with 48% citing this as very important. Furthermore, a survey done by IBM and Oxford Economics shows that 81% of the executives agreed that mobile technology has the power to change the way of doing business, and 73% claimed measurable returns on this investment.

To proactively address the need for a mobile communication solution that engages feedback at any time across the organization, SilkRoad has developed new agile performance apps that encourage ongoing communication between employees and managers.  Employees stay engaged, focused, and aligned to shifting business goals with frequent check-in conversations and real-time feedback.

To be on the winning end of the quest to secure the best talent in the industry, we need to leverage modern and mobile communication tools.  Revolutionize the way business is run by boosting the bottom line with tools that nurture  a culture of conversation:

  • Continuous Engagement: Continuous engagement and ongoing real time dialogue anytime, anywhere, fosters team communication to reinforce a common set of values and defined business goals.
  • Focus: Engagement when monitored and measured on an ongoing basis helps provide insight into how to accomplish the strategic business goals of the organization.
  • Accessibility: On the go access helps manage employee technology expectations.
  • Flexibility and Agility: Mobile applications that can be used anytime, anywhere keeps employees connected across the globe, breaking the limitations of geographical dispersed teams.
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