How to Leverage Technology to Create a Positive Candidate Experience 

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager
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In the current talent economy where the voluntary quit rate is 3.1 million (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Job Openings & Labor Turnover Summary, April 2017) and 46% of employers citing difficulty filling jobs (Manpower Group 2016 Talent Shortage Infographic), organizations need to create and deliver a meaningful and impactful candidate experience that attracts the right caliber of talent and keeps them on board.

To do that, companies should seek ways to leverage technology to deliver experiences to candidates and new hires that highlights the employer value proposition, corporate culture, and how the candidate should expect to navigate within and ultimately contribute to the organization.

In the recent HR Technology Trends Survey conducted by HR Daily Advisor and SilkRoad, we asked: What HR Tech do you use to create a positive candidate experience?

  • 61% leverage a traditional online application process
  • 40% use automated generic email responses to applicants
  • 33% offer simplified online application process (resume only)
  • 33% introduce candidates to your employer brand

Starting as potential hires, employees view every experience with an employer as one continuous experience. It serves as an indicator for what one is to expect on a day to day basis if they were to accept a job opportunity at a given organization. As such, companies need to place an emphasis on personalized and contextual communication during the candidate to new hire experience in an effort to put downward pressure on any anxiety or concerns the candidate may have by delivering an experience that’s personal, communicative, and inclusive. This goes beyond automated processes to connect candidates and new hires to the organization and its culture to ensure that they feel they have a place and a purpose before day one.

The HR Technology Trends Survey also found that onboarding software creates a positive candidate experience by:

  • 53% get admin chores done before work begins
  • 40% introduce company’s mission and vision
  • 33% help new hires understand their role and company goals

Leveraging a strategic onboarding solution to pre-board new hires builds momentum with regular check-ins, collaboration with team introductions and meeting invitations, assimilation and connection to the culture, and provides enablement to allow the new hire to learn about their new role and their impact on the organization.

For more insights from the 2017 HR Technology Trends Survey, download this important report today.

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