Just Published: Forbes Insights Report “Employee Engagement in Age of Digital Disruption”

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Are CFO’s keeping up with the new reality when it comes to employee engagement in the age of digital disruption, new technologies and AI? When one in four CFOs say that unwanted turnover accounts for 25% to 50% of labor costs (one in 10 say it eats up 50%), you know that talent retention is critical to business strategies.

Together with SilkRoad Technology, Forbes Insights conducted a survey of CFOs to explore how financial executives approach and measure the benefits of engagement, the impact of engagement on business drivers and the true cost of disengagement. We’re pleased that we’re able to share the survey findings with you. We’ll be talking about them more in the days and weeks to come.

Key findings include:

  • Primary cause of cause of unwanted turnover is poor employee engagement
  • Increasing employee retention through better engagement has been adopted by one in three organizations
  • Productivity is the top metric and benefit of engagement
  • The finance function has an important role to play in determining how employee onboarding and engagement affect productivity and labor costs, according to 88% of CFOs

full report.

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