Is Your Employer Brand Super-Charged?

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Taking it to the Next Level

Employer Branding has been a dominant HR strategy over the past ten years. You might be ahead of the game with an Employer Brand solidly in place, attracting industry top talent to your organization.  The candidate experience is ensured and built upon via branded postings and branded newsletters (if they aren’t today, just ask us how).

Most organizations focus the power of Employer Branding on the candidate, and the candidate portal. The candidate goes from the excitement of that branded, customized experience, to a commoditized and flat onboarding experience: a generic offer letter, a series of mundane tasks, and a deluge of policies to sign again and again. The excitement and energy of the brand promise fades in the light of a painful and manual onboarding process.

There is a huge opportunity to continue to leverage the ROI of your Employer Brand investment. Many organizations end up letting their Employer Brand thrive in the candidate arena, but allow it to become mute within the walls of the organization. Employer Branding should not stop at the candidate experience. It should continue to resonate through all the employee touch-points. It should seamlessly extend through the life-cycle of an employee’s tenure at an organization via branded employee communication portals. It should connect the candidate experience to the new employee reality.

By branding your onboarding experience, it ensures alignment with that unspoken promise made by the Employer Brand. A new hire going through a branded onboarding experience will understand company expectations and culture even before Day 1, stay longer at an organization and deliver more to an organization’s bottom line.

In organizations with best-in-class onboarding:

  • 91 percent of first-year employees were retained
  • 62 percent met first performance milestones on time
  • This is comparison with only 29 percent in industry average organizations and 17 percent in laggard organizations.

There is still a competitive advantage to leveraging a branded, automated OnBoarding process. The timeline is tight, as more and more organizations rush to automate their OnBoarding proces. Seamlessly extend your Employer Brand via offer letter experience, and through to the New Hire’s onboarding process. Make it “Next Level” memorable. Ask us how.

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