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With the Super Bowl only a week away and both of my teams once again at home watching, I turn to the Super Bowl ads for my game day entertainment.  Sure the game will be good (I hope) but this is a day where non-fans tune in and become fans. The current estimate is that a 30-second ad in 2013 Super Bowl costs $3.7 million, how’s that for an advertising budget?

Believe it or not these brands are a lot like yours; sure you’re not spending $3.7 million for 30 seconds, but In many cases, within your own verticals your brands are as widely recognized, if not more, than some of the brands we will see this weekend

With so much time and money going into your brand it only makes sense to leverage your brand to create an engaging employment experience. Companies that successfully leverage their brands to create an engaging career experience, in addition to a consumer one, can achieve some pretty amazing results:

•       Higher quality candidate pool

•       More candidates who match the role requirements

•       Increased attraction and closing of passive candidates

•       Lower rate of offer rejection

•       Decreased time-to-fill and cost-per-hire ratios

•       Lower turnover

•       Greater number of employee referrals

•       Greater likelihood for employees to be brand ambassadors for your company

•       Loyalty through meaningful engagement

It’s estimated that the U.S. is spent $124 billion on talent acquisition 2011. An Increase of 6%, with much of this budget going to job advertising and agency fees.  With so much money being spent to attract the right candidates it only make sense to leverage your brand to help successfully educate and convert these individuals into applicants and hopefully, long lasting employees.

So even if you’re not creating cool ads like Volkswagen, remember as you’re watching this week’s game and commercials, how super your brand is and what it means to your employees. We would love to hear ways your using your brand creatively to attract and hire the right people. Get In, Get Happy and Work Happy!

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