Introducing SilkRoad Connections Keynote Speaker Carla Howard

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We are excited to welcome Carla Howard as a keynote speaker at SilkRoad Connections 2019!

Carla Howard helps women become more influential and promotable so they can rise with confidence and grace! She has served as a trusted advisor and mentor for over two decades. Her background includes experience leading successful transformational change, coaching professionals to achieve their personal and business goals, and gracefully navigating office politics. She understands the challenges facing woman professionals in the workplace today, and is passionate about helping her clients take charge of their careers.

Carla’s mentoring experience includes successfully coaching entrepreneurs, front line employees, and members of the C-Suite. Typical topics discussed during mentoring sessions include how to lead and manage change, tactics to increase individual change agility, how to navigate emotionally charged conversations, and tips on playing the political game with integrity. She is a results oriented leader who values truthfulness, accountability, celebrating mistakes, and remembering to have fun in the workplace.

At SilkRoad Connections 2019, Carla will deliver a keynote titled Change Leadership: Your Key to Business Results and Professional Differentiation on Wednesday, May 8th at 8:30 a.m. in which she will discuss how to differentiate yourself by serving as a strong executive sponsor or front line leader of change.

Get Registered Today and view Carla’s Tedx talk, Picture a Leader. Is She a Woman?


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