How To Tell If You Have a Killer Career Portal

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Have you ever done an Internet search on “how to write a killer resume” or seen a post on how to “get your resume noticed”?  Pretty much every job site, job board, or job blog has at least one (usually multiple) post on ways to make a resume stand out in the crowd.  Which makes sense, a good resume is key to getting the interview.  What about the other side of the coin; what are employers doing to stand out in the crowd?

The battle for top talent is heating up, with companies duking out to attract and retain the best talent.  So, while job seekers are fine-tuning their resumes and cover letters, recruiters and HR departments need to make sure they are putting their best foot forward by creating a killer career site.

Career sites are a major factor in recruiting.  In fact, career sites ranked second in online sources for interviews and hires in this year’s “Top Sources for Hires: The Definitive Report on The Most Effective Recruiting Sources.”  How can you tell if you a killer career portal?  Ask yourself these four questions:

Is your career site branded?

Some of the best career sites blend seamlessly with their corporate website counterpart.  This helps to present a consistent applicant experience that maintains the company’s brand values throughout job search and application process.  Other career sites have radically different designs, while still maintaining brand standards. These sites more often than not feature simple designs that drive down on information specific to the applicant.

Does your site use bold, appealing graphics that help visitors navigate the site with ease?

Using bold images in your career portal is a great way to stand out and provide a memorable experience.  Graphics can also help guide applicants through the site.  The graphics you choose can tell a prospective applicant a lot about your company culture, which leads to…

Does your career site provide visitors with insight into the company culture, values, and vision?
As much as recruiters do the interviewing, top candidates are also evaluating the company to see if their goals and values align.  Providing this information in a career portal helps a candidate make these determinations and can save recruiters time by weeding out candidates who are not a good fit.

Is your career site social?

It is important to offer prospective candidates a way to connect with the organization.  Linking to social sites provides more opportunities to engage top talent, present company culture, and maintain a relationship even after a decision has been made.

There are a number of areas and opportunities to for organizations to optimize their career portals.  Making the most out of this key candidate touch point can help recruiters save time and money by making sure their career site stand out in the crowd.

Take a look at SilkRoad’s Ultimate Guide to Career Portals to get inspiration for your career site.

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