How to Choose the Right Onboarding System for Your Organization

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager
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According to a recent study from Brandon Hall Group, “One of the big trends in onboarding is that high-performance organizations are acquiring a dedicated onboarding system at a faster pace than other organizations.” The study also states that the main drivers behind acquiring an onboarding technology solution are to improve the new hire experience, improve the management of the onboarding process, and to alleviate manual tasks.

When choosing an onboarding technology system, you should consider:

  • The ability to deliver personalized, yet consistent experiences for different types of employees such as new hires, experienced hires, managers, boomerang employees, etc.
  • The ability to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time. A best-in-class onboarding solution allows you to provide communication and content at different inflection points in the employee lifecycle such as promotions, transfers, and exits.
  • The ability to handle the administrative components of onboarding at scale – putting downward pressure on the time spent on processing forms and redeploying the time and resource savings into creating an engaging new hire experience.

High-performance organizations are seeking a dedicated onboarding technology solution to accelerate the pace at which new hires are integrated into the organization, its culture, and its organizational strategy enabling them to drive business outcomes such as market penetration, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and revenue performance.

SilkRoad’s Lilith Christiansen discusses how to choose the right onboarding system for your organization in the video below.

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