How Strategic Onboarding Enables Branded Employee Journeys

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager, SilkRoad
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According to SilkRoad’s What Keeps HR Up At Night Report, 51% of HR professionals have anxiety around motivating employees about company goals, 41% of HR professionals are concerned about delivering an exciting and branded new hire experience, 36% worry about providing adequate communication to prepare new hires for their job, and 26% worry about day one readiness. Not surprisingly, talent anxiety extends beyond the candidate and new hire experience as continuous engagement, retention, and alignment to goals serve as top concerns for many entities within most organizations.

Where there is anxiety, there is also opportunity. Strategic onboarding enables organizations to craft and deliver a consistent on-brand experience that lasts for the entirety of the employee journey – as candidates become new hires, new hires develop and are promoted to higher positions, and every transition in between.

Daxko, a leading software provider to member-based health and wellness centers, has created a seamless journey from candidate to team member and beyond which is centered on acculturating new hires into their vibrant corporate culture before they even start in their new role.

“Daxko is known for its vibrant company culture”, said Janna Bradt, Talent Marketing Manager, Daxko. “This experience needed to come across during recruiting, onboarding and the entire team member journey.” 

Daxko leveraged their onboarding technology to create a candidate to new hire experience that was representative of their fun culture. They turned traditional onboarding tasks such as I-9 forms into a fun and cheeky experience. They also invite new hires and current employees to contribute to their culture blog. Ultimately, they were able to implement a strategic onboarding process and leverage technology to help employees contribute from day one.  To learn more, check out their strategic onboarding webinar or case study.

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