Harassment and Discrimination: Are You Doing Enough in this Ever-Changing Landscape of New Laws?

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2018 was a banner year for changes in legislation regarding corporate harassment training, making it more important than ever for companies to foster a respectful workplace, specifically regarding in harassment, discrimination, and diversity.

In order to create a culture of respect in the workplace, companies need to prevent, recognize and act on all forms of discrimination and harassment and foster diversity and inclusion.  One way to do that is by effective training all employees on those topics.

The costs are too high for not properly training employees to the various behaviors, such as discriminatory practices, unconscious bias, and microaggressions that occur at work.  Beyond regulatory penalties, litigation costs, and defensive legal fees, businesses must worry about falling employee morale, loss of good staff, difficulty in recruiting quality employees, and declining reputation that affects customers, end consumers and other stakeholders.

The advent of the #MeToo movement across social media landscape, has signaled a change in the way companies and employees view workplace sexual harassment. In response, the 2018 state legislative reaction to that movement was sweeping, and has changed the picture of how organizations must view their obligations to train employees on the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace.

New mandates, such as the impending laws in New York, California and Delaware – as well as the proposed new legislation in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Minnesota – aimed at combating sexual harassment, are creating a legislative landscape that is ever-changing and in continuous flux, making it absolutely necessary for you to empower your employees while reducing the risk at your organization.

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Doug Page is the Vice President of Business Development at Syntrio.  Prior to joining the company in 1999, Doug Page practiced law in Vancouver working for the Civil Branch of the Ministry of the Attorney General of B.C. as well as for a small private litigation firm. He has a BA from the University of Ottawa and earned his LLB from University of British Columbia Law School.

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