Golden Portal Award Winner Daxko Shares Expert Onboarding Secrets.

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Every year at SilkRoad Connections we honor the companies who make onboarding a priority and take it to the next level. The winners are always about those who go beyond and really practice talent activation throughout the new hire period. We judge onboarding portals on 3 key elements: visual design, engaging content, ease of use, and most important the quality of the entire onboarding experience beyond just a new hire day or week. This year’s Golden Portal Award winner Daxko took onboarding to new heights, and they were able to share with us the secrets that make this tech company a fun and energetic place to work.

Daxko brings people together to do great things.

Daxko, a leading SaaS provider to non-profit organizations, was recognized for their clean design, their engaging synergistic content, and the expert use of social media, offline programs, and the onboarding portal itself for cohesive networking.

At Daxko, having a great company culture is must, and they want to share that culture with their new hires from day one. Daxko needed an onboarding portal that would get new hires engaged, excited, and prepared for work. To accomplish this Daxko created a branded onboarding portal that introduces “Daxko Nation” to new employees.  By having a strong employer brand Daxko can show new hires that  they are a part of something larger than themselves.  They include a Twitter feed on their portal that updates any mention of the hashtag #daxkonation so new hires can see what their coworkers and brand ambassadors are saying about Daxko. Every new hire is encouraged to talk about the company on social media using the hashtag to extend their employer brand.

One notable area of their onboarding portal features an employee culture blog.  All new employees are invited to contribute an article to their employee blog where employees can write about things that interest them at their office.  It’s also a place that employees can keep their colleagues updated on office events and charitable work outings through their Daxko Foundation.

Beyond the portal

Daxko’s onboarding portal is just one piece of the new hire experience though. Dako has a dedicated “People Team” that welcomes the new hires and serves as a point of contact to help any new hire get adjusted to working at the office.  They reach out to new hires first to make sure they get the right Daxko Nation t-shirt size in their swag bag. They also guide the new hire through their preboarding and onboarding experience.

Daxko also requires new hires to take two classes that help them learn about the company. The class titled Daxko DNA teaches how Daxko evolved as a company and how important culture is to the Daxko Nation.  Their second class, Passport to the Nation is led by their SVP of Marketing and teaches new hires on how to be the best brand ambassadors.

About the Award

The Golden Portal Awards were created to honor annual achievement in new hire onboarding programs.   Applications were accepted from SilkRoad customers across the world and a panel of onboarding specialists reviewed 40 applications to select the 3 finalists. Results were announced at the 2016 SilkRoad Connections Conference. Next year’s application process will be announced in early 2017.

Curious about SilkRoad Connections? Take a look at this year’s highlight video.

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