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As a provider of HR solutions, we’re constantly hearing how difficult it is to prove the value of strategic talent management to the c-suite.  Not only that, it’s even harder for HR to gain a seat at the executive table. Alan Horowitz, contributor at Software Advice – a site that creates buyer’s guides for HR technology, recently published a very thorough blog post on The New Talent Times on “How HR Professionals Can Land a Seat at the C-Suite Table.”

Alan outlines 8 key areas that HR professionals should focus on in order to work their way into executive-level positions where they can truly help drive the business. One of the recurring themes of the article focuses on gaining a much deeper understanding of the business and figuring out how HR can truly impact the company’s bottom line. It’s more than just hiring the right person and making sure performance reviews are completed, but learning to evaluate what the company needs to reach it’s goal, being familiar with the data that drives HR, such as workforce analytics and revenue per employee, and understanding the company from the inside out.

SilkRoad’s VP of Business Strategy, Tony Preston was interviewed for the post and states that while in-depth HR experience is still very important, you need more vertical expertise in order to continue to move up. It’s critical that human resources professionals think more holistically about the business. A simple quote from the article by Joe Shaheen, SPHR/GPHR, managing principal at Human Alliance, sums it up pretty well, “use HR to help the business.”

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