Get in a Marketing Groove: Recruiting and Marketing Go Together

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Recruiting and marketing have a lot in common. Marketing products requires an understanding of the competitive landscape, the prospective customer, your unique value proposition and the ability to develop strategies to reach those prospective buyers. Then marketing must nurture those buyers until they are sold on the product or service.

Likewise for recruiting. It’s a competitive market to hire top talent once again. Companies need to move fast to target the best talent. Then savvy recruiters will engage those prospective candidates in the unique value proposition of the work and employment culture.

This post from Sharlyn Lauby, The HR Bartender, explains this recruiting/marketing connection further with the 5 Ps.

“As HR pros, we could really gain some creative inspiration from the principles of marketing. In fact, we’ve talked about learning from marketing before . . . we can apply one of the most fundamental marketing models to our role in human resources.”  Read the rest of the HR Bartender post here:

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