Creating a Culture of Conversation Around Performance

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager
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According to the recent 2017 HR Technology Trends Survey,

  • 43% of organizations provides metrics that show how people impact company goals
  • 41% feel that technology supports a positive employee and/or candidate experience
  • 38% say HR Tech has not really affected their organization one way or the other

Performance management has historically been about assessing past performance through yearly performance reviews. For many, the performance process is a required activity that is unfulfilling and ineffective at improving performance throughout the employee journey. What’s more, employees and line managers view traditional performance reviews as a complex, time-consuming, and inflexible experience.

Employees expect a mobile-first consumer-like experience with technology and HR tech that doesn’t live up to that expectation is considered to be an impediment to their day rather than a valued opportunity to obtain feedback, collaborate cross-functionally, and set themselves up for success in the future.

Many organizations are looking to incorporate feedback, check-ins, and goal setting apps in conjunction with their annual performance reviews. Doing so enables employees to own their performance and request feedback and check-ins at a frequency that fuels their performance and alignment to organizational goals.

Organizations that have leveraged performance apps to enable frequent and continuous performance conversations have empowered employees and line managers to consistently gauge whether their day to day activities map up to the organization’s strategy, resulting in increased engagement and visibility into whether or not they’re making a positive impact. To see how to leverage technology to create a culture of conversation around performance, contributions, and goals, request a demo

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