Brandon Hall Awards “Gold” to SilkRoad Enterprise Onboarding

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SilkRoad received a coveted Brandon Hall Group gold award for excellence in the Best Advance in Onboarding Technology category.  Here are the highlights of what’s behind the award win.

SilkRoad Enterprise Onboarding raises onboarding to a new level, by enabling a highly personal but intentional new hire and employee journey. Instead of the traditional one size fits all approach to onboarding (aka forms completion), the platform creates an onboarding journey that delivers content and activities tailored to each employee, by role, location, team, language and other criteria.

The platform provides a new hire journey unlike any other—all mobile, timed to provide what the employee needs when it’s needed.  It starts immediately after the “yes” and  guides new hires with content, workflow and experiences, into the offer letter, pre-boarding, the first 30 days and extending into the first year and beyond.

Then, there’s the essential connection with the hiring manager – something that no other onboarding solution provides. Since the hiring manager can make or break the new hire experience, SilkRoad Enterprise Onboarding includes a tailored manager experience, empowering and monitoring that layer of engagement.

The solution also powers up metrics, offering high visibility into key analytics through a powerful dashboard.

To learn more about the award, read the full press release.

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