Automated Forms—That’s Not Strategic Onboarding

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When people think about onboarding, the first picture that comes to mind is often filling out forms. That’s not strategic onboarding … that’s data management. It’s incredibly important, but it’s not strategic onboarding.

A strategic approach to enterprise onboarding impacts business outcomes, so it needs to go beyond data to include mapping out an employee journey that prepares and motivates the new hire. An integrated approach should include:

  • Collecting the new hire information you need. You need to cover this basic so the new hire can start, and you can pay him or her.
  • Developing a workflow. A formal journey should define what is going to happen with the new hire and their manager. It should deliver experiences or information at the right time. Personalization plays a key role, ensuring that the content is relevant to the new hire’s role.
  • Creating engagement. Excitement is high when a new hire starts. You can take that even further by helping new employees understand the culture and how to thrive in it. And that’s what retains employees.

To assess your current program, try this onboarding assessment quiz.

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