Are Your Millennials Ready To Step Up?

Andrew Kouba,
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Introducing the SilkRoad Talent Talk Podcast Channel! 

By Andrew Kouba,

2016 marks a big year for HR.  The industry is rapidly changing the way we manage our employees from performance evaluations to recruiting.. Technology has vastly improved the way HR functions, which allows HR leaders/professionals to be even more focused on the human aspects of employee engagement and success.  The only downside of that is that HR is expected to work faster, and focus on more areas than ever before all while keeping up with the rapid changes in industry trends.

This is precisely why we wanted to put together a podcast that gave HR professionals one place to get the most current trends in HR discussed with industry leaders.  Talent Talk identifies and discusses over 5 years of original Talent Talk research, and current trends, with HR experts on the most pressing issues facing your organization and how as an HR professional you can create programs in your company to build the culture and environment you want regardless of the size of your organization.

Our first podcast, Are Your Millennials Ready To Step Up,  is with Amber Hyatt ,SPHR,HRCI, and discusses the importance of Millennial’s in your workplace, how to hire them, and groom them for success. This episode uses real-life personal examples to discuss everything from how to use social media in recruiting to how to build a mentorship program.  Later in the podcast we discuss succession planning and the best ways to close skill gaps in promoted employees.  With more executives becoming eligible to retire every year we wanted to focus on this area specifically.

I hope you enjoy listening! Tune in on the 1st and 15th of each month.

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