8 Tips to Help New Hires Build Relationships

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager
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Gallup research shows that “those who have one or more strong partnerships at work generate better customer scores, safety, retention, creativity, productivity, and profitability for their companies”.

Exemplary onboarding programs view relationship building as a strategic and intentional sustained investment in the new hire experience. Some schools of thought believe that relationships ‘just happen’. While there is some merit to that, organizations can orchestrate meaningful connections to transfer knowledge, improve time to productivity, and ultimately, contribution to the organization and its goals at a quicker rate than organic relationships.

According to a recent study from Brandon Hall Group, many organizations that leverage assimilation activities such as meet and greets with leadership, lunch with co-workers, and time for socialization as part of their onboarding program. An opportunity for many of these organizations is to extend these experiences throughout the new hire’s first year as they encounter many firsts within a business cycle. The same Brandon Hall Group study found that effective assimilation practices have resulted in improvements in employee engagement and retention – by as much as 52% and 32%, respectively.

Here are 8 Tips to Help New Hires Build Relationships within Onboarding Programs: 

  1. Start before day one; immediate relationship building kicks off a great new hire journey.
  2. Let new hires know who your key internal players are, their value to the firm, and the assistance they can provide when part of the professional network.
  3. Make your efforts interactive – go beyond printed lists and web posts to create social events for networking.
  4. Foster deeper connections – think small – work new hires into small groups during your onboarding process.
  5. Encourage participation in affinity groups that bring together people from within and outside the firm.
  6. Leverage resources in the local community, helping new hires build social relations outside the workplace.
  7. Incorporate new technologies into your relationship activities by using the same social media tools that your new hires rely on every day.
  8. Involve senior leadership – their engagement with new hires plays big dividends.

Download the eBook to try these eight tips to power up relationship building in your strategic onboarding program.

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