5 Tips: Driving Excellent Customer Service Through Strategic Onboarding

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager
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You don’t want your customers hitting the “thumbs down” button.  Period. Terrific customer service is important, especially if you are in the services business, like the airline industry, financial services, consulting and more.

In fact, a recent press release by United Airlines announcing a new talent management role described its importance as follows: “The best way to provide great customer service is with a great team. Essential to the success of United is hiring and developing talented employees so they can deliver for our customers,” said Kate Gebo, executive vice president, Human Resources and Labor Relations.

Strategic onboarding plays a critical role in preparing new hires to provide outstanding service.  An intentionally designed onboarding experience inspires new hires, which leads to great customer care and a direct business impact.  That impact is what’s behind the dramatic growth and focus on strategic onboarding. According to a recent Brandon Hall report, The Evolution of Onboarding, “Organizations at higher levels of onboarding maturity are more likely than those at lower maturity levels to see improvements in business and talent indicators.”

If your business can use a customer service boost, here are some ideas for your onboarding program.

  1. Create a personal new hire journey. By developing a new hire experience based on role or location, the new team member will receive more meaningful preparation on how they can impact customer service.
  2. Map out important “service moments.” By identifying specific examples of where great service is essential, you can add targeted training and role plays to the new hire development program.
  3. Ask front-line managers for suggestions. Managers that deal with daily customer care will have a realistic perspective on what types of situations come up and what new hires need to know.
  4. Measure new hire service levels. Knowing how well your new hires are doing with service will help you identify where additional training is needed.
  5. Create a service champion. An employee who models the best in service can be a tremendous resource for new hires.

To learn more about helping new hires, check out this eBoook: First 90 Days: How Strategic Onboarding Helps Set New Hires Up For Success. 

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