5 Key Reasons to Pay Attention to Your Employer Brand

Ryan Rivera, SilkRoad
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Employer branding, whether through career portals, company newsletter, corporate policy, or social media, is a key component to the success of any organization. Good or bad, how a company represents its culture can have a real impact in a number of areas. From talent acquisition to year-end earnings, a company’s reputation as an employer can have a major impact on its long-term success. In this post you’ll find five key reasons you need to pay attention to and strengthen your employer brand.

1.  Strong employer branding will get you noticed by top talent. The economy continues to improve and with improvement comes more competition for top talent. So how does an employer get noticed in the very crowded job fair that is the Internet? Well, a strong employer brand that uses a well-crafted career portal, a strong social media presence, and leverages its employees to share open positions is a great way to start.

2.  A well-developed employer brand helps potential candidates self-select. The improving economy can also pose a challenge for employers. As people feel more confident in the economy they tend to look for new opportunities. Add these applicants to the number of people already looking for work and employers can be inundated with applicants, many of which are not a good fit for the company’s culture. By having a strong employer brand, applicants can make a better decision on whether they believe they’ll fit in or be successful. It helps to ensure those who apply are aligned to the mission of the company.

3.  New hires are able to see their place in the organization’s purpose more clearly, helping them be more productive, faster. Employer branding is important beyond recruiting. Enlisting the employer brand in the onboarding process helps new hires reaffirm their decision to join an organization. New hires are able to get a stronger sense of how they fit into the organization and team, allowing them to acclimate, socialize, and be more productive in those first few weeks of employment.

 4.  Employers with a strong brand tend to have more engaged employees.  Having a clearly defined employer identity can do wonders for employee engagement and employee retention.

5.  Your reputation as an employer can have a real impact on your bottom line.  The best way to combat negative employee reviews is to be clear about the company culture and set reasonable expectations. Presenting a false or inauthentic employer brand can be a real detriment to an organization by cultivating a culture of mistrust and disengagement, which can really hurt a company’s ability to win business and succeed. If employees mistrust a company, chances are customers are soon to follow. People can be leery of doing business with companies that do not treat their employees fairly, either because of a sense of fairness or to protect their own image and reputation. Paying close attention to your employer brand is great step in preventing damaged relationships and lost business.

Building an authentic employer brand is key to the success of any business.

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