4 Sweet Sessions Announced for Connections 2017

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager, SilkRoad
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If you are raising the bar on your people strategy, SilkRoad Connections is your place to be. Four game-changing analyst sessions were just announced that you will not want to miss:

Activating Your Talent Team to “Go Beyond” in Terms of Performance and Impact – Kaiser Associates

Research shows that heterogenous workplace teams (characterized by a diverse representation of thinking preferences and experiences) outperform homogenous teams on many key dimensions, including decision-making and problem-solving. So how can you activate your Talent Team to “go beyond” in terms of performance and impact?

During this interactive session, leaders of Kaiser Associates’ Organization Development (OD) consulting practice and contributing authors of the Association for Talent Development’s 2015 Talent Management Handbook will:
– Introduce a framework and tool that can be used to “take stock” of your talent team’s operating tendencies and preferences
– Explore relevant applications of the framework, including for talent team decision-making, problem-solving, and communications
– Discuss the benefits of taking a holistic approach to activating your talent team, as well as the risks of not doing so
– Facilitate a break-out exercise where session participants can apply aspects of the introduced framework to their own talent team and organization

Five Essentials for Upleveling the Recruiting Function – Alexandra Levit

In this session, recruiting steps into the spotlight, grabbing a strategic role that directly impacts the bottom-line of your organization and secures the best talent in a candidate’s market. We will discuss the mechanics of creating a powerful employer value proposition and brand, how to segment your message for different candidate audiences, how to leverage current social and mobile technologies to create a memorable candidate experience, how to empower and activate current employees, and how to deploy people analytics to measure what’s working.

Diversity Isn’t a Program: Diversity Matters, Right? – Ben Eubanks

Diversity Isn’t a Program: Diversity matters, right? But when handled improperly, it can not only create risk—it can also hinder true business success. This session is focused on helping organizations create a culture—a mindset—that enables successful diversity practices across the board. It starts with recruiting and sourcing, but there’s so much more to truly embracing diversity and inclusion as a business practice. Let’s help your business improve the results it sees with diversity not just today, but every day.

Go Beyond Engagement – Ben Eubanks

More than Engagement: Businesses should stop measuring engagement for its own sake. While this sounds like sacrilege for HR leaders, it’s important to note that despite increased focus on engagement, we have seen little movement according to data from Gallup and other organizations. When we combine that with the fact that your C-suite is tired of focusing on “squishy” metrics to prove HR’s value, it becomes a credibility issue. Here’s how to fix it: stop measuring and reporting on engagement in a vacuum. Instead, focus on how to connect engagement to key business measures, including retention, customer satisfaction, innovation, and more. This session is designed to help attendees understand the impact of good engagement practices and how to facilitate executive conversations for HR professionals trying to lead the business in a positive way.

We hope you’ll join us for valuable insights and actionable strategies from some of the best and brightest. Early bird pricing for Connections ends on February 28th. To register for Connections, click here.

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