The 4 Pillars of Strategic Onboarding

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager
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Most companies want to attract high caliber talent, especially in today’s talent economy. They go to great lengths to cultivate a talent pipeline that will make a discernible impact on the organization with an exciting and enticing candidate experience.

The downfall for most companies is their failure to extend the excitement and momentum generated in the candidate experience to the onboarding experience. It’s often because it’s viewed as an administrative formality instead of an opportunity to deliver an intentionally designed experience that starts at offer acceptance and extends beyond the new hire’s first year.

According to a Department of Labor study, 69 percent of new hires that take part in a structured onboarding process are likely to remain with a company for longer than three years. However, Gallup found that only 12% of employees strongly agree that their organization does a great job of onboarding new employees.

A state-of-the-art strategic onboarding program should shape new hire experiences by providing support in mastering organizational culture and performance values; help in the development of an interpersonal network; early career support; and strategy immersion and direction. SilkRoad’s Lilith Christiansen outlines these key pillars of strategic onboarding below:

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