3 Ways Strategic Onboarding Impacts Employees

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Much of the “buzz” about strategic onboarding talks about benefits to employers: faster new hire productivity, tight connections between business goals and roles and high engagement that helps retain new employees.

But what about the benefits to new hires? Onboarding strategies offer big wins for new hires. If you’re recruiting a top candidate and you have a strategic onboarding program in place, you can offer some great selling points on how the company helps new hires succeed.

Selling Point #1—A Thoughtful, Deliberate Preparation Process
The new hire journey holds a foundational role in a strategic onboarding program. It means that each and every step for a new hire is defined to create an experience that fully prepares the new hire. You can stress that your company has invested time and dollars into a process to ensure new employee success.

Selling Point #2—A Personal Experience, Tailored to Their Role
A big part of a successful new hire journey is providing the right training information at the right time. You can assure new hires that information, mentors and more will be customized to what’s needed for their role.

Selling Point #3—Connection to the Company Strategy
Strategic onboarding programs emphasize connecting day-to-day responsibilities to the overall company goals. When candidates know they will understand their impact on the company big picture, it can be a big draw.

To learn more about approaching strategic onboarding from the candidate’s perspective, watch this brief video.

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