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Case Study: Steelcase Uses Onboarding Technology for Leadership Development

Unlimited possibilities. That’s what companies are discovering about onboarding technology and here’s a super interesting example. Steelcase is a global leader in helping companies create great workspaces. When they launched a program for new leaders, they chose a unique path for implementation....


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Why Strategic Onboarding Matters to Financial Leaders

For financial leaders, an emphasis on onboarding within the organization results in lower recruiting costs, business continuity, improvements in revenue performance, and higher customer satisfaction.

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4 Pillars to Build a High Impact Strategic Onboarding Program

It’s all over the media. Strategic onboarding offers all sorts of benefits: speeding new hire productivity, creating deeper new hire engagement and improving retention. But what are the basics to get there? If, like many organizations, you’re on the path to transform to a strategic program, th...

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Automated Forms—That’s Not Strategic Onboarding

When people think about onboarding, the first picture that comes to mind is often filling out forms. That’s not strategic onboarding, that’s data management. It’s incredibly important, but it’s not strategic onboarding. To assess your current program, try this onboarding assessment quiz.

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3 Ways Strategic Onboarding Impacts Employees

Onboarding strategies offer big wins for new hires. If you’re recruiting a top candidate and you have a strategic onboarding program in place, you can offer some great selling points on how the company helps new hires succeed.

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How Wood. Enabled Better Day One Productivity Through Strategic Onboarding

Wood. implemented a strategic onboarding solution that replaced 83 pieces of paper with 7 electronic eforms that could be completed at scale in the field or at the airport using a mobile phone, enabling new hires to be billable by noon on their first day.

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