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How Wood. Enabled Better Day One Productivity Through Strategic Onboarding

Wood. implemented a strategic onboarding solution that replaced 83 pieces of paper with 7 electronic eforms that could be completed at scale in the field or at the airport using a mobile phone, enabling new hires to be billable by noon on their first day.

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager

Strategic Recruitment and Onboarding Are Essential for The Best Patient Care

[[Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes from Alexandra Levit of PeopleResults]] According to a recent piece by the Society for Human Resource Management, the biggest threat to healthcare in the United States is staffing. A 2017 survey conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit showed that we...

Alexandra Levit, Managing Partner, PeopleResults

NCSOFT Wins Silver Brandon Hall Award for Onboarding

NCSOFT, a leading online gaming publisher, won a coveted Brandon Hall Group Silver Award for excellence in the Best New Hire Onboarding Program category. The Excellence Awards feature annual programs that recognize the best organizations that have successfully deployed programs, strategies, modaliti...

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager

2018 SilkRoad Global Strategic Onboarding Report

In recent years, especially in the current labor market, organizations have placed an emphasis onboarding, yet have struggled to find the right mix of connection to strategy, streamlined processes, and an engaging and personalized new hire experience. This survey, conducted by SilkRoad, captured th...

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager

8 Tips to Help New Hires Build Relationships

Gallup research shows that “those who have one or more strong partnerships at work generate better customer scores, safety, retention, creativity, productivity, and profitability for their companies”. Exemplary onboarding programs view relationship building as a strategic and intention...

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager

Connections 2019: Call for Speakers

Call for Speakers for Connections 2019 is open! By presenting at SilkRoad Connections and sharing your expertise with your HR colleagues and peers, you elevate yourself and your organization as leaders! The high quality of our presentations is a big part of the reason our attendees gain so much from...

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager

Measuring Onboarding Effectiveness Using SilkRoad Analytics Part II

Editor’s Note: This blog post comes from Nirmala Pol, Data Visualization Analyst on SilkRoad’s R&D team and Mimi Jerkan, Talent Activation Director for SilkRoad A new SilkRoad Talent Talk Radio podcast takes a deeper dive into SilkRoad Onboarding Analytics. This episode discusses how...

Nirmala Pol, Data Visualization Analyst, SilkRoad

Gilbane Streamlines Their Performance Process with SilkRoad

Gilbane, Inc. is one of the largest privately held family-own construction and real estate development firms in the industry. Concentrating in select markets throughout North America, as well as internationally, Gilbane has 46 office locations and 2,700 employees around the world. With mainly paper-...

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager

5 Secrets to Retaining Millennials

More than one-in-three American labor force participants (35%) are Millennials, making them the largest population in the U.S. labor force, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data. As of 2017 – the most recent year for which data are available – 56 million ...

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager

5 Tips: Driving Excellent Customer Service Through Strategic Onboarding

You don’t want your customers hitting the “thumbs down” button.  Period. Terrific customer service is important, especially if you are in the services business, like the airline industry, financial services, consulting and more. In fact, a recent press release by United Airlines announcing a ...

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager

The Importance of Personalizing Your Onboarding Experience

For many organizations, retaining new hires is becoming more important than ever. The productivity, morale, and monetary losses of new hire attrition have always been a concern, but finding the right caliber of talent in today’s talent economy is becoming harder and harder. Best practices for ...

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager

How to Choose the Right Onboarding System for Your Organization

According to a recent study from Brandon Hall Group, “One of the big trends in onboarding is that high-performance organizations are acquiring a dedicated onboarding system at a faster pace than other organizations.” The study also states that the main drivers behind acquiring an onboard...

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager

How NCSOFT Gamifies the Onboarding Experience

With 765 employees, NCSOFT, a leading online gaming publisher, operates many of the most successful and influential multiplayer online games on the market. Prior to partnering with SilkRoad, NCSOFT found that their onboarding process was inconsistent across the workforce and highly manual and time-...

Kelly Carmody, Field Marketing Manager

How Organizations Can Make Data Security a Part of Their Company Culture

(Editors Note: Today’s post comes from Sharlyn Lauby of HR Bartender and ITM Group.) Often when we have a vision of company culture, we think about fun stuff like foosball tables, free food, and wearing Aloha shirts on Fridays. But a prominent component in company culture is safety and securit...

Sharlyn Lauby, President, ITM Group
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