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How to Use AI to Make HR More Human, Not Less

Note: Ben will be speaking at SilkRoad Connections user conference in San Diego. Register Today! If you read the headlines today, you can quickly see that artificial intelligence, bots, and other algorithms are creeping into our everyday life. But what if there was a way to use technology to actuall...

Ben Eubanks, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

Transforming Your Workforce? Take an “Always On” Onboarding Approach

Maybe you don’t know a whole lot about the workforce transformation that’s taking place. Maybe you are waiting to see how it all pans out. Waiting to figure out how to get your workforce – and your talent acquisition investment – to transform along with the organization. Well don’t wai...

Mimi Jerkan, Global Transformation & Onboarding Enthusiast

Discern Real-Time Skill Needs Through Agile Feedback

Many of us remember the days when we only talked about professional development during a once-a-year performance review conversation with our managers. We may have made development plans and set goals, but these were usually lost in the crush of immediate business priorities. And, by the time we got...

Alexandra Levit, Managing Partner, PeopleResults

Is Reskilling On Your Radar?

Back when I graduated from college, one was expected to leave school with nearly all the basic skills needed to succeed in a career. Maybe your employer did a more comprehensive orientation, maybe it provided access to the occasional professional development training course, and maybe you picked up ...

Alexandra Levit, Managing Partner, PeopleResults

3 Disruptive Tech Trends that Could Impact HR by 2025

“Disruption isn’t just a buzzword: it’s a very real concern for business leaders. The good news is that HR leaders are ideally suited to fill this gap, because we touch the key functions of hiring, training, and skill development in the workforce.” IT leaders love technology and syst...

Ben Eubanks, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

AI, Automation and Onboarding: Key Priorities for HR Leaders

“In our latest research, 81 percent of talent and learning leaders say that the current pace of change will drive a need for reskilling and upskilling employees.” Look at any news resource today and you’re bound to see countless mentions of artificial intelligence. This technology is a...

Ben Eubanks, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

Introducing SilkRoad Connections Keynote Speaker Carla Howard

We are excited to welcome Carla Howard as a keynote speaker at SilkRoad Connections 2019! Carla Howard helps women become more influential and promotable so they can rise with confidence and grace! She has served as a trusted advisor and mentor for over two decades. Her background includes experi...


Case Study: Steelcase Uses Onboarding Technology for Leadership Development

Unlimited possibilities. That’s what companies are discovering about onboarding technology and here’s a super interesting example. Steelcase is a global leader in helping companies create great workspaces. When they launched a program for new leaders, they chose a unique path for implementation....


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