About SilkRoad: Helping Customers Go Beyond Talent Management

Engage your people, and win the competition for talent

SilkRoad’s Strategic Onboarding solutions help customers create the personalized experiences to activate and engage people along their individual journeys. At SilkRoad, we’re passionate about creating a vision of success for organizations. Every day we pursue that passion and transform those visions into reality. Our corporate resume is a long one of achievement and customer success. 

SilkRoad is reinventing HR technologies so that companies can finally unlock the full value of their talent base. From our point of view, the rest of the market looks at Talent Management backwards. Traditional HCM fails to create continuous, engaging experiences for this multi-faceted talent base. These systems put HR processes and transactions front and center, missing the most important stakeholder: people.

Journey of Innovation

There have been a lot of “firsts” at SilkRoad. While others look to imitate, we innovate. SilkRoad created the new hire onboarding automation space with our market-leading RedCarpet Solution (now called SilkRoad Onboarding). From the beginning we believed that just getting hiring right wasn’t enough. Organizations need to seal the deal, connect new hires to culture and keep talent on board. While others try to imitate, they view this process as transaction-based, not people based. We’ve always seen this solution as helping people understand the culture, goals, teams. We help your people fit in like no one else.

We’re Celebrating 10 Years of Onboarding Innovation

We saw that traditional Human Capital Management systems were failing to create continuous, engaging experiences for a modern, complex and multi-faceted workforce. Why? Because these systems focus on automation of HR processes and transactions first and miss the key stakeholders: people. The modern workforce needs high levels of continuous engagement to be productive, to stay motivated and to achieve business goals. Today’s organizations bring together more than full-time employees. They include employees, consultants, contractors, part-timers, interns, freelancers and many other types of contributors. Strategic Onboarding can connect all of those individuals to your culture, your goals and your mission.

We’re helping organizations create and deliver personalized talent journeys that nurture individuals at every stage, from sourcing and hiring through onboarding, development and all of the transitions of work life, such as promotions, transfers, office moves, new team or project, family leave, and the rest.

Helping You Win the Competition for Talent

We’re passionate about keeping our clients not just one step – but way ahead – of the competition for retention. We lose sleep finding ways our technology can help personalize the experience for every stakeholder so you can be better HR leaders, building your organization’s culture rather than automating processes.

SilkRoad has helped thousands of organizations around the world make the ground-breaking leap from Talent Management to Strategic Onboarding. Proven client success makes SilkRoad the right choice for companies with the most demanding talent requirements.

SilkRoad has helped thousands of organizations engage, retain and activate their people

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