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Strategic Onboarding Delivers Personalized Experiences to Retain Your People

SilkRoad is helping 2,0000 customers engage, activate and retain their people. We invented the strategic onboarding space and process millions of new hire and employee onboarding events every year—far more than anyone else in this market, and our consultants have spent thousands of hours innovating ways to onboard talent, activate people and build successful employer brands. Only SilkRoad delivers more day-one-ready employees, greater new hire productivity, and longer term engagement than anyone else with our HR software for employee onboarding and talent management.

World-class employee onboarding impacts your business in big ways: improved productivity, better customer service, greater agility, and increased competitiveness. Onboarding that makes talent stay goes beyond paperwork automation and payroll. SilkRoad Activate Strategic Onboarding takes an intentional, people-first approach and lets you personalize the experience so your people get connected to business goals, and work culture. Amaze them from “yes” to first day to every day thereafter.

New joiners turn up on day one, ready to work and activated to organizational goals.
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Alaska Airlines
Alaska Airlines activates technicians with a ground-breaking, personalized distance learning program available anytime, anywhere on demand.
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McLeod Health
delivers a better, more engaging experience for new physicians and nurses which helps them become a part of the team community even before day one.
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When How Why of Onboarding for Results
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2018 CLO Advanced Onboarding Survey

The When, Why & How of Onboarding for Results
Discover advanced onboarding tactics for organizational success.

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SilkRoad Integration Services

Connect your existing systems to SilkRoad Activate rapidly and seamlessly. We leverage an API to connect SilkRoad data to your applications, ensuring minimal disruption to your technology environment and optimizing the value of your solutions.

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After Onboarding, Continuously Engage and Activate Talent

The SilkRoad Talent Activation solution goes beyond traditional Talent Management technology with an employee-first, continuous onboarding focus that activates employees to business goals–from sourcing to new hire through every transition along the journey.

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