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Strategic Onboarding Makes the Difference

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Strategic Onboarding Delivers Personalized Experiences to Retain Your People

In a tight job market with record employment, more and more HR and C-suite leaders understand that old-school onboarding just doesn’t cut it any more. Big one-size fits all platforms don’t help retain people – they just put data in payroll systems. No one likes them. No new hire thinks “wow that was a great experience.” Competitive organizations need Strategic Onboarding.

That’s why more than 2,000 customers engage, activate and retain their people with SilkRoad. SilkRoad Strategic Onboarding is designed to make talent stay. Strategic Onboarding seals the deal on your talent acquisition investment and helps get those new hires excited, engaged and activated for your business. So you reduce unwanted turnover and lower labor costs. Amaze your people from “yes” to first day to every day thereafter.

New joiners turn up on day one, ready to work and activated to organizational goals.
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Alaska Airlines
Alaska Airlines activates technicians with a ground-breaking, personalized distance learning program available anytime, anywhere on demand.
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McLeod Health
delivers a better, more engaging experience for new physicians and nurses which helps them become a part of the team community even before day one.
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Forbes Insights + SilkRoad Survey
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Forbes Insights: The Value of Employee Engagement in the Age of Digital Disruption

When one in four CFOs say that unwanted turnover accounts for 25% to 50% of labor costs (one in 10 say it eats up 50%), you know that talent retention is critical to all of your business strategies.

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State of Recruitment and Onboarding Report
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Seamless Experience: State of Recruitment & Onboarding Report

Today's candidates have higher expectations for their job search and how future employers onboard them. Learn what it takes to have a next-generation recruitment and onboarding experience that meets candidate and employee expectations.

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After Onboarding, Continuously Engage and Activate Talent

The SilkRoad Talent Activation solution goes beyond traditional Talent Management technology with an employee-first, continuous onboarding focus that activates employees to business goals–from sourcing to new hire through every transition along the journey.

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