• HR Tech Europe 2012

    HR Tech Europe 2012 is Europe’s most important HR event on how software, technology systems and collaborative tools are bringing about surmountable change in the way people and organisations work. Representing the changing/new face of HR and a who’s who in the industry, this year’s show will showcase how new systems and software are creating the next wave of change. Come to visi us at stand 32 ,Ruby Lounge, for a live demo of Point, our latest addition to our social talent management solutions.

  • The State of Talent Management

    This year's State of Talent Management Report, presented by SilkRoad's TalentTalk Research Program, provides a snapshot of organisations practices in talent management. What challenges do professional face in developing talent initiatives? How are their processes evaluated? What are their current and planned uses of automation? What are the vulnerabilities that must be addressed so that companies can take the steps to become best-in-class? As we consider this year's State of Talent Management, we address these questions and more in the report, which we invite you to download for free today!

    Compiled from over 850+ survey responses from Human Resources and Learning & Development professionals in a variety of industries, this report provides a complete snapshot of organisations' practices in the area of talent management.

  • Up in the Cloud Core HR has Arrived

    Authored by Katherine Jones, Director of Workforce Management at Bersin & Associates, she helps to dispel some of the myths around SaaS and also shares convincing industry trends around the adoption of cloud computing solutions for organisation's core HR system needs.